PhotoWeights are made in the United States of beautiful, handcrafted glass. The style and quality of our paperweights is evocative of those produced by American glass makers in the early 1900s.

PhotoWeights include everything you'll need to create a custom paperweight with a favorite photograph.

  • Instruction card with step-by-step photos included with each order or in each boxed kit.
  • Self-adhesive mounting board (keeps your image rigid and flat).
  • Self-adhesive bottom pad (covers the bottom surface of the paperweight).

Before you begin your project, it's important to clean your paperweights with streak-free glass cleaner to remove any fingerprints, dust, or smudges. This step will help ensure your bottom pad's adhesive adheres properly to the surface of the glass.


Most of our paperweights styles have enough interior space to display dimensional items. Each paperweight's product page will tell you the depth of the artwork area. The item you wish to display will need to be slightly smaller than this measurement.

The example paperweight pictured showcases an antique watch fob. To achieve this design, smooth paper was placed over the adhesive side of the mounting board. We glued parts of an old book spine to the paper to create a background. The watch fob was adhered to the background with hot melt glue.

Another example of displaying dimensional objects may be found in the step-by-step instructions for the dome paperweight (above). A swatch of textured paper from the cover of an old scrapbook album was used as the background.


Flat Paperweights
Click the image below to see a full-size, printable version.
Dome Paperweights
Click the image below to see a full-size, printable version.

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