PhotoWeights make it easy to create your own personalized paperweights, even if you haven't completed a craft project since the 5th Grade.

Each paperweight style we offer includes a self-adhesive mounting board to stabilize your photo or act as a sturdy background to set your design on. You'll also receive a self-adhesive bottom pad (black felt) to help you achieve a clean, professional look.

To view or print our assembly instructions, click one of the images below:


Many of our paperweights styles have enough interior space to accommodate dimensional items.  (Make sure the depth of the recess is slightly deeper than the item you wish to display.)

The example paperweight pictured to the left holds an antique watch fob. This design was achieved by placing ivory paper on the adhesive side of the mounting board.  We created a layered look with parts of an old book spine that made a fitting background for the fob.

Another example of displaying dimensional objects may be found in the step-by-step instructions for the dome paperweight (above-right). A swatch of textured paper from the cover of an old scrapbook album was used as the background.