With all the Halloween decorations lining the store shelves this time of year, it's the perfect opportunity to design spooktacular paperweights that are sure to grab some attention and second looks.

If you're not into spiders or disembodied fingers under glass, think of fall, jack o' lanterns, candy corn, and other things that are a little less creepy.
I used fabric for the background because I thought the texture would help hold the webbing and keep it in place.  (Singer Fat Quarter, Tone on Tone Black, SFPFQ240310).  You'll also need a fake spider and decorative, stretchy webbing.  The paperweight kit is the Heirloom Rectangle (PhotoWeights: Heirloom Rectangle)
To create the background, I applied the fabric to the adhesive side of the mounting board (included in each paperweight kit).
The fabric that overlapped the edge of the mounting board was trimmed with a pair of sharp scissors to prevent pulling and fraying.
Now for the fun part!  The webbing was applied to the background in two layers to add a little dimension.  I taped the ends of the webbing to the back of the mounting board.  The texture of the fabric background did grab onto the webbing, so I'd definitely recommend fabric over paper.
It was easy to attach the spider to the background with some hot melt glue.  This step finished the design.
After the finished mounting board was placed into the recess on the bottom of the paperweight, the self-adhesive, felt pad (included in each paperweight kit) was applied.

Is there a particular type of project you'd like me to cover here in the future? I'd love to hear your ideas!  Be sure to leave a comment below.

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