PhotoWeights was founded in 2001 by Susan Eastin. What started out as a tiny "kitchen table" business in Southern California is now a family operation that occupies a century-old building in a small town in southeast South Dakota.

For the past 22 years, PhotoWeights has specialized in the art of personalizing glass paperweights with photographs, artwork, crafts, small curiosities, and a variety of other objects and materials. At a time when decorating glass paperweights had faded into obscurity, our goal was to introduce the art form to a new generation of artists, photographers, and home crafters by incorporating new design techniques, mediums, and unique ways to capture and preserve memories in the form of images and mementos.

As crafting trends continue to change and evolve, we look forward to seeing what the next two decades have in store for us.


PhotoWeights are beautifully handcrafted in the United States.  We offer a variety of classic paperweight styles that are evocative of those produced by American glass makers in the early 1900s.  These paperweights of the past often framed photos of country churches, streets lined with horse drawn carriages, and famous landmarks.  (Perhaps you've seen one at an antique shop or flea market.)

Our paperweight frames are easy to use and include pre-cut, self-adhesive finishing kits for fast, hassle-free results.  Finishing kits consist of a mounting board for your artwork and a pad to cover the bottom surface of the paperweight.  We also provide printed instructions with each order.  (View our step-by-step instructions)

If you need assistance, or if you have a question, help is just a message away.

You can find us at...

Instagram: @photoweights
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Susan Eastin
Owner & Founder