This paperweight design includes the printed image of a typewriter with one tiny, little twist...  a miniature piece of paper with a typed note that curves out from the art.  You can type anything you wish, from a love note to the working title of the novel you've been meaning to start since the beginning of the year.  You're only limited by the size of the page.

The artwork for this paperweight was easy to create in Publisher.  I simply drew a 2 9/16" circle (the display area of the Round Paperweight Kit) and used this as my guide to frame the photo of an old typewriter placed on a distressed, red background.  To the right of this artwork I drew the outline of the miniature piece of paper and typed a message using a typewriter font.

You'll need to cut an opening in your artwork so it appears the typed note is coming out of the typewriter.  I recommend an x-acto knife with a sharp blade so you'll get a nice, clean cut.

After you feed the note through, secure it on the reverse side with a small piece of tape.

After the little, typed note is in place, use a pair of scissors to cut along the circular outline.  After you've attached the back of the artwork to the adhesive side of the mounting board (included with your paperweight kit), add a little curve to the note so it appears to be coming out from the artwork.

The artwork is ready to frame in your paperweight.