A few months ago I purchased a few small, round mirrors to use in future projects.  I thought I'd frame one of the mirrors with some thick twine and see where things led.  I hope you like the results.

I started with 2" mirror that I purchased in a pack of four for only $1.00.  I also used some thick twine.  These items are available in most craft stores.

The mirror was placed directly onto the center of the paperweight's self-adhesive mounting board.  (Included with each paperweight kit.)

I applied Aleene's Tacky Glue to the outside of the mirror, as well as on the visible portion of the mounting board.  (Place the board onto a piece of scrap paper to protect your work surface.)

After I cut a generous length of twine, I started from the inside (covering a portion of the outside of the mirror) and began to coil the twine to the outside edge of the board.

When I reached the edge of the board I cut the tail end of the twine and allowed the glue to dry for a day or two.

Note: Whenever you're using glue that has any moisture in it (liquid/gel/paste), allow it to dry completely before you assemble your paperweight.  If you seal the artwork in your paperweight before the glue has had time to dry, evaporation may form a haze on the interior surface of the glass.

Before the finished artwork reached the point where it was photographed (above), I used a pair of scissors to trim the loose, fly-away twine fibers and cleaned any excess glue, fingerprints, and smudges off the mirror.  Lastly, I applied a plastic shell ornament to the center of the mirror.  Once this last spot of glue had time to dry, everything was ready to place within the paperweight.