I've wanted to create a succulent paperweight for the longest time.  The problem I constantly ran into was finding an artificial succulent small enough to fit into one of our domes. Fortunately, I found a nice alternative to the real thing... or at least an alternative to the artificial version of the real thing.

This collection of paper embellishments is from The Paper Studio, a Hobby Lobby brand.  The item number is 1672898.   There are six pieces in the set, the largest measuring 2" across.  While these don't have the plump leaves of a succulent, their lovely, realistic coloring helps to make up for it.

For the background I chose a swatch of paper I thought would look nice against the succulent's light purple hues.  This was applied to the adhesive side of the mounting board (included with each paperweight kit).  Just trim any excess paper with scissors.

I removed the double-stick foam square from the back because it would lift the embellishment off the background paper and make it unsteady. 

Because the center of the back is raised, I applied a crown of hot melt glue around it.  This will provide a stable foundation for the embellishment to rest.

After your work is finished, be sure to check it for strands of glue, remove any dust, and make it as perfect as possible.  Then you can apply the design to the adhesive side of the paperweight's bottom pad (as shown above).

After you've cleaned your paperweight and removed any dust from the interior, center the bottom pad onto the base of the paperweight and press it into place.