When summer is just a memory, and the snow starts to fly, this sand dollar paperweight will add a touch of warmth to you desk.  This is such an easy design to create.  All you'll need is a sand dollar, a scrap of sandpaper, a glue gun, and a pair of scissors.  Everything else is included in the paperweight kit (mounting board and bottom pad).

Start by applying a scrap of sandpaper to the adhesive side of the mounting board. (Avoid using sandpaper with printing on the back that's visible on the sandy side.)  Trim any sandpaper that extends beyond the edge of the board with scissors.  (The photo above shows the mounting board with sandpaper attached.)

After you've cleaned the sand dollar to remove any grains of sand, apply hot glue to the back.  (Avoid applying glue close to the edges and openings.) Place the sand dollar onto the sandpaper background and lightly press down to secure.  Once the glue has had time to cool, your sand dollar is ready to display in your paperweight.

Whenever you need a background that looks like sand, sandpaper works beautifully.  It's easy to cut and available in slightly different colors and textures.