I wanted to create another paperweight design that would allow someone to display a miniature message, similar to the one posted at Vintage Typewriter Paperweight with a Tiny, Typed Message. For this project I chose something we all remember from our school days, a sheet of ruled paper.  In miniature, it's rather adorable.  Don't you think?

The artwork was created in Publisher by drawing a 2 9/16" circle (the display area of the Scalloped Paperweight Kit) and using this outline as a size guide.  The ruled paper was drawn with a series of blue lines and a single, red line going down the left margin.  I typed the text in a font that looks like handwriting.  I also added a red, clipart heart.  The background I chose is a green chalkboard.  It fits with the teaching theme.  I also love the color and texture.

The chalkboard background was cut out along the printed outline and placed on the adhesive side of the mounting board (included with your paperweight kit).  I also cut out the mini sheet of paper.

To get the paper to lift up off the background, I curved it around a pen.  A small amount of white glue was used to attach it.

Note: Whenever you are using glue that has any moisture in it (liquid/gel/paste), allow it to dry completely before you assemble your paperweight.  If you seal the artwork in your paperweight before the glue has had time to dry, evaporation may form a haze on the interior surface of the glass.

The artwork is ready to frame in your paperweight.