Glitzy French Bulldog Paperweight
A swatch of glitter-lined paper and a gemstone sticker are all it took to transform this plain, glass paperweight into something fabulous and sparkly.  It's quickly become one of my favorites because it catches light from every angle. You have to admit it's pretty cute, too!

The sticker is decorated with round rhinestones and iridescent glitter in shades of black, pink, and silver.  Black scrapbook paper with lines of pewter glitter was used as the background.  I thought this striped pattern would be a nice touch.  The more muted pewter also doesn't overwhelm the overall design.

Everything passed my glitter test.  In other words, if the glitter rubs off on your fingers, chances are you'll end up glitter floating around inside your paperweight.  (Unless you're making a snow globe paperweight, that's not good.)

The photo above shows the round mounting board with the background paper and sticker attached.

This is another example of a paperweight that's easy to make with just a couple simple supplies.  I hope you enjoyed it!
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