If you're looking for a creative way to frame a photo within a paperweight, this design is a excellent starting point.  You can alter the materials and embellishments in so many different ways.  For instance, instead of scrapbook paper you can use fabric or a thin, wood veneer.  You can also frame the photo opening with shells, beads, dried flowers, and an array of different baubles.

My frame was made with some scrapbook paper and a selection of small buttons.  When the design was finished, I decided to add a few rhinestones, as well.

A display area template (shown) is an excellent tool that makes it easy to center and trace your cut line.

A half-dollar seemed like just the right size for the photo opening, so I traced around one to mark my cut line.

After the photo opening was cut, I used the display area template to trace the outside cut line.  (This is the cut line that matches the size of the paperweight kit's mounting board.)

After the tracking and cutting, I was left with a "donut" shaped frame made from scrapbook paper.

I sized and printed a photo to fit within the center opening of the frame.

After the photo was positioned within the opening, I secured it from the reverse side with clear tape.  The frame and photo were then pressed down onto the self-adhesive side of the mounting board. (Shown above)

I used tacky glue instead of hot melt because these buttons were quite small. I applied tacky glue directly to the paper frame with a small paint brush before setting each button into place.

Note: Whenever you are using glue that has any moisture in it (liquid/gel/paste), allow it to dry completely before you assemble your paperweight.  If you seal the artwork in your paperweight before the glue has had time to dry, evaporation may form a haze on the interior surface of the glass.

After I thought the design was finished, I decided to add rhinestones to a few of the buttons for just a dash of bling.  The photo above shows everything completed.

Once the glue had a few minutes to set, I used a Q-tip, barely damp with glass cleaner, to do a quick, touch-up on the buttons and rhinestones so they'd sparkle.

I hope this post will inspire you to come up with more creative ways to frame photographs in your paperweights.