If you have any broken pieces of costume jewelry laying around, this project is for you.  Even if you don't, it's easy to find beautiful, affordable pieces of jewelry on clearance at boutiques and department stores. Many craft stores also sell a large selection of jewelry that includes earrings, pins, and pendants.

This paperweight design includes just two things; a brooch and a swatch of paper for the background. The brooch (Hildie & Jo Butterfly Antique Gold Brooch) was purchased at Joann.  The list price is $9.99.  However, Joanne's jewelry elements are often 25-50% off. 

After I attached the swatch of paper to the self-adhesive mounting board, I trimmed the paper with a pair of scissors.  I then measured and marked the center of the board to act as a guide for placing the butterfly brooch.

The pin on the back of the brooch was removed with a pair of pliers.

After the pin was removed, the butterfly was attached to the background with hot melt glue.

Before you place your design within the paperweight, use a soft cloth to gently polish way any fingerprints from the metal and stones.

Note: Whenever you are using glue that has any moisture in it (liquid/gel/paste), allow it to dry completely before you assemble your paperweight.  If you seal the artwork in your paperweight before the glue has had time to dry, evaporation may form a haze on the interior surface of the glass.

The photo above shows a close-up view of the brooch within the paperweight.