As someone who absolutely loves going to antique shops and flea markets, I'm always on the hunt for small trinkets I can work into my paperweight designs.  When I came across a few Monopoly game pieces in a box of old costume jewelry, I immediately pictured them in an Heirloom Dome with the infamous Monopoly board in the background.  I hope you like the end result as much as I do.

I found the artwork for the Monopoly board online and adjusted the size before I printed it and placed it on the adhesive side of the paperweight's mounting board.  As you can see, the Monopoly game piece was hollow underneath. I filled this area in with hot melt glue and allowed the glue to cool completely before I moved to the next step.

Once the bottom of the car was filled in, there was a surface I could attach to the mounting board with a little more hot melt glue.  After everything cooled, the design was ready to frame in the paperweight.

What kind of objects would you like to see in our paperweight designs?  Let us know in the comments below.