Pet memorial keepsakes remain extremely popular.  This isn't a surprise because they're such a lovely way to remember a beloved part of our lives.  They also make a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member who has lost a furry, feathered, or even a scaled companion.

The artwork for this paperweight was created in Publisher.  You can use a variety of other publishing programs to create a similar layout.  I started with a wood grain background and placed the text toward the right, leaving a large enough area for a photograph.  Before you print the final copy of your artwork, print a draft version to make certain all elements of your design will fit within your paperweight's display area.

After my artwork was cut to fit within the paperweight, I used a craft punch to create the opening for the photo.  I must have at least 10-15 craft punches in my arsenal of supplies.  Most craft stores will carry these in a variety of shapes and sizes.  If you'd like to simplify things, you can always add a photo directly to your artwork and print everything as one piece.

The photo for the design was sized to fit within the photo opening before it was printed.  After the photograph was trimmed to fit, it was taped to the reverse side of the design.