An easy step to achieving more professional looking paperweight designs is to apply paint to the bottom surface of the glass that comes into contact with your paperweight kit's adhesive pad.  This will conceal the adhesive side of the pad that's often visible through the glass.  In its place you'll see a color or metallic.

The above photo shows the adhesive mounting board against:  A. Bare Glass, B. Sharpie Marker, C. Sharpie Oil Based Paint Marker (silver metallic), D. Sharpie Oil Based Paint Marker (red)

I've tested a variety of different paints - enamels, acrylics, and oil based.  I've even used nail polish!  Sharpie's oil based paint markers (medium point) have been a favorite.  For a dark, solid black, a regular Sharpie marker will work just fine.  My favorite is Sharpie's chisel tip because it's easy to apply in a sweeping motion in one direction. Continue reading for information on our FREE Sharpie offer!

This technique works best on paperweights that have a flat bottom surface.  These styles include the Heirloom Rectangle, Rectangle, Large Rectangle, Round, Octagon, and Scalloped.  You can also try this on styles with more rounded bottom surfaces like the Oval, Elegant Oval, Large Round, and Heart.  Just be sure the marker is only applied to the glass that comes into contact with the bottom pad adhesive.  (I've found this technique isn't necessary when working with the Dome or Heirloom Dome.)

After you've cleaned your paperweight with streak-free glass cleaner, place your paperweight top-side down onto your work surface.  When you apply the marker to the glass, be sure it only comes into contact with the flat part of the glass.  If you need to clean up a little mishap, use a Q-tip slightly dampened with rubbing alcohol.  If you need to start over, glass cleaner on a paper towel should do the trick.

The marker doesn't have to be perfectly black on the glass.  In fact, it won't be.  Even if you have some areas that look purple when light shines through, this will appear solid black once the bottom pad is applied. Also, any marker spots visible outside the bottom pad can be gently cleaned with a soft rag that's lightly damp (almost dry) with glass cleaner.

This photos shows an area darkened with a Sharpie (left) versus bare glass (right).


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