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Glass Paperweight Designed to Display Images, Artwork, Crafts, and Small Mementos
Our paperweights are part of a complete kit that include the following:

1. Glass paperweight, handcrafted in America
2. Mounting board (self-adhesive) for you photograph, artwork, or decorative material
3. Bottom pad (self-adhesive) to cover the underside of the paperweight
Capture and celebrate life's moments with PhotoWeights!

PhotoWeights has specialized in the sale of handcrafted glass paperweights for more than 14 years. Our glass paperweight kits are perfect for capturing cherished photographs. You can also personalize your paperweights with artwork, crafts, needlework, small mementos, and a variety of other embellishments. If you need some paperweight design inspiration, our Design Blog is an excellent place to start.

Our online shop features a large variety of paperweight kit styles that include oval paperweights, rectangle paperweights, round paperweights, dome paperweights, and a few other shapes. All of our clear, glass paperweights are beautifully handcrafted in America.

To learn more about using PhotoWeights paperweight kits, please visit our How-To Guide.
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