Thank you for stopping by. I'm Susan, the owner and founder of PhotoWeights.

PhotoWeights beginnings are rooted in my love for antique paperweights that frame illustrated advertising, photographs of country churches, and portraits of loved ones captured under glass more than a century ago. At a time when this art form seemed to have faded into obscurity, I wanted to introduce a line of easy-to-personalize paperweight kits that would appeal to a new generation of crafters.

In the fall of 2001, I opened my first online shop and established the heart of the operation at my kitchen table. Not only did this table serve as my desk, it's also where I packed orders and took our earliest product photos. (We'd occasionally have dinner there, too.)

As more and more people began to discover my little website, PhotoWeights quickly outgrew the kitchen table and expanded to the guest room. 15-years later, we now occupy office and workspace in an early 20th Century storefront where my husband and I also own a vintage-inspired shop that sells antiques, gifts, and home decor.

I've been honored to have PhotoWeights featured in a variety of magazines that include Country Living, Southern Living, In Style Weddings, House & Home, and Family Circle. Even more exciting was having them used for projects on two episodes of The Martha Stewart Show.

I hope this website will continue to inspire others to design and create paperweights of their own with images, artwork, crafts, and the little trinkets and mementos we all tend to collect over the years.

Susan Eastin