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PhotoWeights® - Est. 2001

Photoweights is dedicated to the art of decorating glass paperweights with photographs, artwork, crafts, and small mementos.  At a time when the art of personalizing glass paperweights had faded into obscurity, we wanted to re-introduce it to a new generation of 'crafters' using more modern design techniques and a variety of different materials.  Since then, we're thrilled to have seen a resurgence in this wonderful craft we love so much.

The style and quality of our products is evocative of paperweights produced by American glass makers more than a century ago.  Each is beautifully handcrafted in the United States and available in a variety of classic shapes and sizes.

PhotoWeights is committed to helping our customers create their own custom paperweights - from personal keepsakes and thoughtful gifts to branded merchandise, awards, fundraising, and promotion.

Susan Eastin
Owner & Founder
email: susan[at]photoweights.com